Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mini Hat Boxes

I got this set of pretty papers from Wholeport this month:

Retro Scrapbook Paper
It clearly says in the product description that the paper is 21 X 21 cm, which is only about 8 X 8".  In my head though, for some reason, I was expecting something bigger.  And the whole time I was waiting for it to arrive I was envisioning it all done up using this Silhouette design:

Tutorial HERE

When the paper arrived I immediately realized I had made a mistake in the size but I also noticed that it was the perfect weight for the design, and my heart was still set on making this box so I just shrunk it way down in Silhouette and made it...smaller.

I decided to skip the dividers.

These are the perfect size to give to someone filled with candy or a nice set of earrings or any other small trinkets.  They'd also make lovely storage containers on your dresser or night stand.  Because of the weight of the paper they're pretty sturdy.

They'll come in very handy for Mother's day too!

Wholeport now has all kinds of lovely papers, embellishments, and even stamping supplies.  Check it out in their new Scrapbooking and Stamping & Embossing sections.

*This post is sponsored by Wholeport however no compensation was received other than the products shown and all opinions are my own.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Gorgeous FREE Labels

While wasting away the hours in front of my computer last weekend, I stumbled upon a very cool website that is bursting at the seams full of FREE labels and pretty printables.

World Label Blog

I think it's just a company that specializes in custom lables, but their blog has links to loads and loads of amazing FREE printables.  Take a look at just a small sample of what you can find there:

Cathe Holden - Woodland Roses

Wallpaper Rose Labels - Cathe Holden

Mitzy's Miscellany - Vintage Labels

Cathe Holden - Paint By Numbers

Obviously I'm very drawn to Cathe Holden's designs, but you'll find all kinds of styles there.  From Chalkboard labels to party printables and cupcake toppers, it's all there.  Just use the search function on their website or have fun looking back through old posts, you're sure to find something interesting.

Have fun!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Movie Monday: Chris Hadfield

If you've been following Etcetorize for awhile, then you already know that I'm a bit of a Chris Hadfield fan. He spend his entire life preparing for his time and space and he's making the most of the whole experience.


Come back on Thursday and I'll tell you more about the book he wrote.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Convertible Top - FREE pattern

Considering we just had another snow storm here last weekend, it's a little early for this type of top, but at least I'll be ready when (if) summer finally arrives in Canada.

This top couldn't be any easier to make.  And I love that you can wear it so many different ways!

To get started, first create your pattern.  These measurements are for a small/medium.  If you want to make a large, just make the width of your rectangle a few inches wider.  A good guide to go by is that the width of the rectangle times 2 should be around 10" longer than your bust measurement.

Just make a rectangle with one side slightly longer and then join the top with a gentle angle.  Make sure to mark 5-6.5" from the top on that longer side.  You'll need to remember that when sewing.

1) When cutting out your fabric, place the shorter side on the fold.  And while you're at it, cut out a long thin rectangle about 2" wide and 32-40" long.  If you don't have enough fabric you can always use something contrasting, a ribbon or other trim, or just put some elastic in the middle like I did.

A nice soft flowy rayon works best for this top
but you could try a thin well woven T-knit too~

2) With right sides together, sew the long edge of your big rectangle together, stopping at that 6.5" mark.

See how it's still open at the top?
3) Finish your seam edges with a serger or zigzag, iron flat, and then finish the top and bottom edges as well.

4) You need to sew down the seam at the top where we left it open.  Just fold under your seam edge to meet the fold, press and pin, then stitch it down in a long V shape.

5) At the top (the end with the opening that you just sewed down), fold over the finished edge about 3/4" and stitch close to the raw edge to make a casing.

6) Set that piece aside and make a drawstring from your long skinny rectangles.  Hopefully you've cut 2.  Just sew them together at one of the short ends and then, with right sides together, fold the long piece in half lengthwise and stitch.

7) Trim away about half of the seam allowance (you kept it wider for sewing for stability but now we can trim it down).  Using a safety pin or turning tool, turn the whole long thin piece right side out and press.

8) Using a safety pin to work the drawstring through the casing.

9) Try on your new top just to make sure of the length, mark it, and then hem it.  And NOW you're done!

So easy!  You can wear it over your shoulder, tie around your neck or put the tie in the front or the back. You can add elastic on the bottom edge or make it a little longer and add a peplum.  You can make it a lot longer and turn it into a dress.  So many options!

How will you wear yours?  Leave a comment below~

Thursday, April 17, 2014


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